PETPETS on frozen tour 01.02.13. TAKĀ

“Petpets is, an incredible meeting between 3 animals, fed up with their sweet nest, which want to perform a migration: JUDGibon, a crazy deep french monkey, addicted to toys and keyboards stuffs, KORBYcephale, a strange sea channel dolphin, which prefers to use the wild sounds of his cute companions, and BENandoo from the US, a special nandoo drummer, which was born with sticks in his hands.
Benandoo decided to reach the migration because without him, these two fucking french pets will be lost. They want to migrate to northern iced countries, but, to reach Finland, they have to catch the good winds. All of them know that they will live megabig adventures… they have heard of the big golden ring. The golden ring is a just a ring, but it’s a golden one. So, they know that they have to cross a lot of countries, but for them, this is a good oportunity to fight of nature rules and to meet animals, able to understand them and to help them to find their way.All musicians, they started to play together and created Petpets to transform this migration into a music tour, a friendly way of travelling and a good moment to spend with you, where Petpets has found a nice place to stop.”

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